This two-door sliding wardrobe features a mirror that can visually enlarge the room and add an elegant touch that matches most modern decors

Wardrobe Alfa with Mirror
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Wardrobe Alfa with Mirror from £444 instead of £919



  • Mirror on the door
  • Two-door sliding wardrobe
  • Height: 215cm
  • Width: 180cm | 200cm
  • Depth: 60cm
  • Material: laminated board with matt finish, plastic handles
  • ABS-protected edges
  • Aluminium runners in the cabinets
  • Board thickness: 16mm
  • Aluminium side profiles
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Supplied in four packages; self-assembly required
  • Package dimensions and weights:
    • Package 1: 226cm x 64cm x 7cm; 48kg
    • Package 2: 188cm x 61cm x 12cm; 42kg
    • Package 3: 210cm x 98cm x 5cm; 41kg
    • Package 4: 210cm x 98cm x 5cm; 41kg
  • Note: this item can only be delivered to a ground level. 


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