The Sleep Soul Air Spring Mattress is a vacuum packed mattress with a difference. Uniquely supportive and sumptuous, the Air Spring mattress features an open coil spring system, 20mm of memory foam as a comfort layer and a super-soft, micro-quilted cover. It’s a winning night’s sleep in a winning, compact and ready-rolled combination.

Today’s deal:

Sleep Soul Air Open Spring and Memory Foam Mattress from £119.99 (at Happy Beds)



  • Open coil springs for traditional support – a tried and tested formula
  • Luxurious micro-quilted cover for superior comfort and softness
  • Superior air circulation, strength, stability and durability
  • Traditional comfort combined with vacuum-packed convenience
  • Leave for two hours for a good night’s sleep – leave for 24 hours for a great night’s sleep!

The Sleep Soul Air Spring Mattress uses air to its advantage. It arrives vacuum packed – just open it up and, within only a few hours, it’ll be a good night’s sleep. Leave it for a day, and it’ll be a superb night’s sleep. The clear air circulation in the open springs and supportive memory foam layer gives soft-medium support, while still promoting superb spinal alignment and comfort – and ensuring you wake up feeling fresh and comfortable, even during summer.


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