If youre looking for a classic mattress with superior support and comfort the Simmons Backcare Elite mattress is for you It is designed for those who require more support giving superior support to your back muscles and keeping your spine and neck properly aligned Simmons is a manufacturer who has been making quality mattresses for over 100 years so we know this is bound to become a firm favourite like many of their previous mattressesThe mattress includes an active continuous spring and contains 40 more springs than a traditional mattress The spring system is a 125 gauge open coil firmer spring unit This means that the support you get is greater than a higher gauge system and as a result it is ideal for anyone who wants a mattress that is going to really help keep their body in the correct position It has two sleeping sides so you can turn the mattress periodically to ensure you get the most from your mattressBoth sides have deep layers of conventional fillings and provide the comfort that complements the firmer support The mattress has a tack jump quilted finish and is eight inches deep making it ideally suited for use on bedsteads or divan bases The Simmons Backcare Elite mattress is a big brand mattress giving perfect comfort at a value price

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