Full frame PostureTech spring systemFeatures memory foamEdge-guard for enhanced edge-to-edge supportComplies with BS7177: 2008 source 5 medium hazard Web exclusive – not available in store1 year guarantee – please see terms and conditionsThe Sealy Windermere is a luxurious micro-quilted mattress for a truly extravagant hotel sleeping experience in your own home. Supported by Sealy’s PostureTech spring system and enhanced with memory foam, the Windermere is fully compliant with additional UK fire-retardant regulations to satisfy the requirements for commercial establishments. The mattress is also specially treated with Bugshield to help eliminate bed bugs and allergensThe PostureTech spring system – provides even weight distribution from the heaviest parts of the body. The spring provides a softer feel, which gradually gets firmer as pressure increases, without sacrificing comfort. The whole spring unit is twice tempered to set the springs and make them stronger smaller diameter allows more springs per mattress than conventional beds and increases longevityMemory Foam – moulds quickly to the shape of the body’s contour and helps to relieve pressure points. Memory Foam provides correct underlying support and more natural spinal alignmentEdge Guard – High density foam strip placed inside the edge of the mattress springs which prevents the mattress from sagging and gives both longer life to the mattress and a firmer sleeping area. Edge Guard gives edge to edge enabling the sleeper to sleep right up to the edge of the mattressBugshield – The Bugshield fibres in the beds and mattresses contain a new, special form of biocide, which is guaranteed skin-safe and kills bed bugs whilst creating an inhospitable environment to prevent further infestations. Bugshield offers a 100% bed bug mortality rate with 90% killed off within a period of 24 hours. In addition to bed bugs, Bugshield also kills off house dust mites

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Sealy Double 135cm 4ft 6 Mattress Windermere Contract

Sealy Double 135cm 4ft 6 Mattress Windermere Contract (from Bensons for Beds) for £467.99