Get Netflix on and a cup of tea waiting whilst you’re snuggled up in today’s Mona velvet Divan bed! Coming in a choice of six sizes and the option of no, two or four drawers. You’ll be able to keep spare blankets or bits and bobs neat and tidy. You’ll receive a 3000 organic memory mattress that is finished with luxurious Visco fabric. It has tufted secures and a medium to firm comfort rating as well as hypo-allergenic properties. It’s time to hit the sack!
Mona Velvet Divan Bed w/ Mattress - 6 Sizes & Drawer Options!
Today’s Wowcher deal:

From £149 (from SleepyN) for a Mona velvet fabric Divan bed with mattress!



  • Get Mona velvet fabric Divan bed.
  • Comes with a memory foam pocket mattress with a total depth of 10-11”.
  • With a 10m wire edge and handle and air vents.
  • Choose between small single – super king sizes.
  • With a choice of no drawers, 2 or 4 drawers.
  • With a 26 Chesterfield padded headboard.


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