The Maestro Spring Memory Foam Tufted Mattress is a culmination of luxurious materials and an excellent design, making the most of being a classic spring mattress as well as a fantastic memory foam mattress. A modest yet magnificent choice for master or guest beds, the Maestro Spring Memory Foam Tufted Mattress offers an exemplary level of comfort for a great night’s sleep.

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Maestro Spring Memory Foam Tufted Mattress from £139.99 (at Happy Beds)



  • Adorned with luxurious double jersey fabric
  • Complete with a thick layer of body contouring memory foam
  • Crafted with sturdy network of open coil springs
  • Finished with durability enhancing hand-tufting
  • Fillings and materials kept fresh with the use of several breathability enhancing air vents
  • Easy to transport and move thanks to the hand-stitched handles
  • Rated at a medium/soft firmness level, making it incredibly comfortable
  • Measuring at 25cm, making it a comfortably thick choice for an array of bedframes
  • Only requires rotating every six weeks to remain fresh
  • Exclusively crafted by hand in the UK for Happy Beds

The Maestro Spring Memory Foam Tufted Mattress is adorned with a luxurious fabric known as double jersey fabric, which consists of a blend of cotton, wool and synthetic fibres. Just beneath this delightfully soft fabric is a thick layer of memory foam, which comfortably contours to the sleeper’s body throughout the night in such an excellent manner that’s virtually exclusive to memory foam mattresses.


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