Make sleeping simply luxurious with the Imperial 3500 Memory Foam Mattress, designed to take relaxation to another level and offer the perfect base for a good night’s sleep. A combination of superior materials and clever craftsmanship allows the Imperial 3500 Memory Foam Mattress to sit apart as a mattress of exceptional quality.

Today’s deal:

Imperial 3500 Pocket Sprung Mattress from £194.99 (at Happy Beds)



  • Superior memory foam and reflex foam for a body-contouring comfort
  • Individual pocket springs work independently to provide weight-distributing security
  • Double jersey fabric coating provides a highly luxurious touch of comfort
  • Handles stitched into the mattress for convenience in installing and moving
  • Non-turning quality to eliminate hassle in adjusting the mattress
  • Suitable for all bed bases to allow all to enjoy the many benefits offered
  • Very high count pocket springs for the ultimate cushioned comfort
  • Noticeably cosy and welcoming with an appealing exterior

The Imperial 3500 Memory Foam Mattress has a superior quality that is obvious to the eye, with elegant quilted fabric and noticeable comfort with a highly luxurious exterior. The reliable handles stitched into the mattress make rotating and moving easier than ever before, so you can enjoy a long-lasting high-grade mattress. A truly welcoming sleeping space, the Imperial 3500 Memory Foam Mattress is sure to make every night a comfortable one.


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