Exclusive to us, this Flaxby Nature’s Finest 9,900 Mattress is filled with pure fibres including Egyptian cotton, wool, mohair and hemp – these provide natural moisture-wicking and breathable properties so you can enjoy a cooling, comfortable sleep every night. Filled with Egyptian cotton, wool, mohair and hemp, these natural fabrics will help to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. The Egyptian cotton has long and fine strands for a smooth superior feel, while the Yorkshire-grown wool offers soft springiness that’s anti-bacterial, too. The mohair is smoother than the wool and is placed towards the top layers for extra comfort. Finally, the hemp (also grown in Yorkshire) offers absorbency and resistance to mildew.

Today’s deal:

Flaxby Nature’s Finest 9900 Pillow Top Mattress (from £1,499) at Dreams



  • 4900 pocket springs
  • Comfort grade – Medium or Firm
  • Pure and natural fillings
  • Sumptuous pillow top with luxurious damask sleeping surface
  • Hand-tufted
  • Made in the UK
  • Single sided – Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter
  • 33cm depth
  • Exclusively handmade by Harrison Spinks
  • 5 year guarantee


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