Mattress made of three deep layers of octaspring foam springs that are breathable, supportive and provide comfort for the entire body
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Dormeo Octaspring Three-Layered Mattress from £399



  • Three deep layers of Octaspring foam springs 
  • Deep top layer of memory foam for relaxation
  • Middle layer with five support zones of Octasprings
  • Softer memory foam for the head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips 
  • Foundation layer has supportive foam springs to evenly distribute user’s weight 
  • Breathable foam to keep the mattress cool 
  • Each individual spring functions independently offering customised support 
  • Stretchy removable cover to provide additional comfort 
  • Handles hidden underneath the mattress 
  • Eco fresh protection against allergens, dust mites and bacteria 
  • Mattress thickness: 30cm
  • Comfort: medium


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