Crafted using eco-friendly bamboo fibre, the Bamboo Pocket Mattress is a naturally enchanting and incredibly comfortable mattress. Also present within this mattress’ innovative design are a host of pocket springs, making the Bamboo Pocket Mattress all the more cosy and much more stable.

Today’s deal:

Bamboo 1500 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress from £194.99 (at Happy Beds)



  • Crafted using eco-friendly bamboo yarn, which is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Filled with a wealth of individually nested pocket springs
  • Memory and reflex foam layers
  • Rated at a medium firmness level, making it both comfortable and supportive
  • Accommodatingly thick at 27cm
  • Only requires rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality
  • Exemplary hand-crafted quality, made exclusively for Happy Beds

Hypoallergenic, moisture absorbent and ultimately soft to the touch, the bamboo fibre present throughout the Bamboo Pocket Mattress is also a natural kind of deodorant, keeping the entire mattress dry and cool throughout the night. This material is also partnered with elements of memory and reflex foam, ensuring that the Bamboo Pocket Mattress’ sleeping surface is both firm and accommodating.


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