The Anniversary Backcare Pocket Sprung Mattress serves as one of the superior choices for those seeking orthopaedic assistance, whether it’s for back care or joint support. Rated as an incredibly firm mattress, the Anniversary Backcare Pocket Sprung Mattress is delightfully accommodating whilst still being rather cosy.

Today’s deal:

Anniversary Backcare 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress from £199.99 (at Happy Beds)



  • Fully covered in luxuriously soft damask fabric
  • Crafted with an abundance of rich, natural fillings, ranging from classic wool to rich cashmere
  • Finished with a durability and sturdiness enhancing hand-tufted pattern
  • Made with an incredible amount of individually nested pocket springs
  • Complete with breathability enriching air vents
  • Features hand-stitched handles that make transportation and mobility simple

Filled with a wealth of durable polyester as well as an abundance of natural wool, rich satin pads and luxurious dual pads, the interior of the Anniversary Backcare Pocket Sprung Mattress is tightly compressed so that each filling works in tandem with the pocket springs. These individually nested and innovatively designed miniature springs are what aid the reliability of the Anniversary Backcare Pocket Sprung Mattress, essentially granting sleepers their own, undisturbed sleeping spaces that isolate restless movements throughout the night.


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