The Ambassador Ortho divan set has an orthopaedic mattress with soft touch material memory foam an open coil orthopaedic spring unit handles and air vents This mattress is also hypoallergenic The divan base is perfectly supportive for the mattress and is available with a choice of Drawers giving a range of different storage options Included are brass linking bars for the base making the single divan easily convertible to a double bed Open spring mattresses give support to every part of the body as required Each coil works independently and therefore gives the correct support to each person sharing the bed The springs help to prevent any disturbance on one side of the bed affecting a person sleeping on the other side of the bed It also helps to prevent any roll togetherThe memory foam in the mattress moulds to the contours of your body to give you a peaceful and supportive nights sleep The material is sensitive to body heat so lying on its surface means that you get great support in any position It is particularly useful for back problems because its responsive surface maintains the spine in perfect alignment leaving its natural curves relaxedAn orthopaedic mattress is designed to benefit the whole body and provide a restful comfortable sleep so that the owner wakes refreshed with no aches and pains These mattresses support the body fully and reduce stress on the back neck and joints by alleviating pressure points This provides a high level of comfort and avoids stiffness upon wakingThe mattress is finished with a soft touch material with air vents and handles built into the sidesThe Ambassadororthodivan set will provide both comfort while sleeping and convenient storage facilitiesPlease note Headboard not included 3ft Single Divan Sets come with 2 drawers 4ft Small Double 4ft 6 Double 5ft Kingsize and 6ft Superking Divan Sets come with 4 drawers

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