Get a thick, supportive mattress designed to relieve your key areas with this memory mattress! With no pressure points on the 11 key areas and 4cm of viscoelastic you’ll have a comfortable yet firm mattress perfect for those who sleep on their back or front. The mattress is treated with natural beeswax, making it anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and …
Visco 30cm Biotherapy 11-Zone Memory Mattress - 4 Sizes!
Today’s Wowcher deal:

From £119 instead of £667.71 (from Matris) for a visco 30cm biotherapy 11-zone memory mattress – choose from four sizes and save up to 82%



  • Get a visco biotherapy 11-zone memory mattress.
  • 30cm total mattress height with 4cm of natural, super-soft viscoelastic.
  • No pressure points on the 11 rest areas, allowing maximum comfort for your whole body.
  • Medium-high firmness – great for those who sleep on their front or back.
  • Stretchy, soft cover designed to absorb moisture and eliminate heat.
  • Choose from four sizes (see pricing below).


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