Whether for the guest bedroom, the kid’s bedroom or just something for light use, you’ll find it with the Quartz mattress. The open coil spring system combined with generous layers of mixed fillings gives you a great balance of support and comfort. The Quartz is double sided and lighter than most other mattress types, making it easier for you to flip and rotate the mattress so that you can get the best out of it. An all-rounder mattress and outstanding value makes it one of the most popular mattress types around. With edge-to-edge support and cosy quilted comfort, the Quartz mattress will ensure you get a great night’s sleep

Quartz Mattress

Quartz Mattress for £129 from Bensons for Beds



  • Open coil spring system with edge support
  • Upholstered with generous layers of mixed fillings
  • Fresh white Belgian damask cover with deep quilted cushioning for added comfort
  • Double sided to get the best out of your mattress
  • Ideal for guest rooms, kid’s bedrooms or light use
  • 1 year guarantee