This premium memory foam recovery mattress designed to help reduce morning muscle tightness and delayed onset muscle soreness
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Premium Memory Foam Recovery Mattress With Free Delivery from £149



  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Premium memory foam
  • Medium firm tension
  • Specifically designed for athletes, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts
  • Manual labourers and casual gym goers may also benefit from the mattresses properties
  • Aims to relieve pressure and help reduce muscle tension
  • Targeted support aims to ensure maximum blood flow for optimum recovery
  • Aims to help reduce constriction of blood vessels and enable maximum blood flow for faster muscle repair
  • Designed to enable undisturbed sleep for maximum relief
  • Allergy-, asthma- and dust mite-resistant
  • Premium quality knitted outer fabric
  • Material: 15% damask, 85% polyester
  • 3D border
  • Flag-stitched side handles


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