Featuring a chalkboard and a storage drawer that doubles as a pull-out bed space, this bed can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom
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Kids’ Day Bed with Chalkboard with Optional Two 5″ Spring Mattresses from £182



  • Chalkboard at the end
  • With an additional pull-out drawer or extra single bed space
  • Versatile modern white design
  • Great addition to a home with a need for storage or extra sleeping space
  • With the option of two-side safety rails and low to ground design
  • For a safe and easy time getting into or out of the bed
  • Solid slatted base (for the top level) for the ultimate sleeping comfort and mattress breathability
  • Storage drawer that doubles as a pull-out bed space
  • Drawer fits a UK standard 3ft mattress
  • Back panels can be taken off to make this into a standard bed


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