The iGel™ Virgo, with the power of highly conductive ceramic, provides iGel™’s best ever temperature regulating comfort. Researched and developed in America, iGel™’s patented formula works with your body’s natural temperature, so that you don’t get too hot or too cold at night. That’s because phase change crystals inside iGel™ respond to your body temperature to absorb excess heat when you are too hot or release stored heat when you are too cold – helping you stay at a comfortable temperature. iGel™’s new powerful ceramic formula moves heat faster than ever before, responding the moment your body needs it.

iGel Virgo Mattress Gold

iGel Virgo Mattress Gold for £1,099 FREE iGEL SLEEPER PILLOWS from Bensons for Beds



  • 10cm of iGel™ ceramic.
    • iGel™ works with your body’s natural temperature so that you do not sleep too hot, or too cold – you sleep just right.
    • Patented phase change iGel™ crystals, with highly conductive ceramic absorb excess heat when you are too hot and release heat when you are too cold.
  • iGel™ memory technology soothes aches and pains as it contours your unique shape to align your body and absorb weight evenly.
  • iGel™ crystals concentrate under body compression to provide targeted support where your body needs it most.
  • “Spring free” comfort, this mattress supports you without counter pressure caused by metal springing
  • Breathable strong and stretchy mattress fabric provides lasting softness.
  • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic friendly.
  • 4 fabric choices (Platinum, Gold, Steel, Toffee).